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      Accelerating Revenue with Intent-based Offers

      Are you running promotional offers for your products? Are they giving you a spike in sales revenue? But did you know these offers could also be hurting your revenue margins for some customers?


      How To Gamify in Qubriux in Less Than 5 Minutes

      The secret to improving your customers’ journeys is to provide high quality customer engagement at every touchpoint. Qubriux does this in a unique way like no other platform.


      How To Create A Qubriux Co-marketing Partnership in Less Than 5 Minutes

      We, at Qubriux, understand that acquiring new customers can get progressively expensive for business owners. 


      Best Practices for Customer Retention in eCommerce

      Every brand wants to be a magnet that attracts more customers. If you own a business, you know that one of the most important factors for success is having many loyal customers. But retaining them,...


      Create Your First Qubriux Email Template in Under 5 Minutes

      If you are reading this, you have successfully onboarded on to Qubriux, the only end-to-end personalization platform. Welcome aboard! And wish you a wonderful business journey.


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