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New for 2022: Qubriux Release 1.9

In an effort to make good things great, we are enabling our platform with two more cutting-edge features that arm our Shopify merchants with extremely powerful capabilities. The Qubriux 1.9 release comes with improvements in features that are unique to the platform, namely Gamification and Co-Marketing.

It is notable that, Qubriux, has introduced intelligent capabilities to eCommerce merchants to help them rapidly grow their business last year. Apart from Email and SMS Automation, it also provides Hyper-personalization of Offers, Real-Time Offer Optimization and NLP-powered Surveys among many other capabilities that are not offered by any other app on the Shopify ecosystem.

Gamify - Enhance Your Engagement

We believe that continuous improvement is better than delayed perfection. In the Qubriux Release 1.9, we offer an improved Gamify feature with enhanced UI/UX and additional features. The Gamify feature on Qubriux helps you create a game out of offers personalized to each customer. These offers are created out of products in your customers’ wish lists, products previously viewed by them and those that are best selling on the day.

How Does It Work?

A game is launched when an eligible customer visits your online store. The objective is to engage with the customer in real-time, recommend products similar to the ones they have bought in the past or shown interest in recently and also the products which they may buy. The game is divided into hurdles and in every hurdle a few offers are shown. The customer will be eligible for the offers when they have finished the game.

To finish a game, they have to choose one product (with an offer) from each hurdle. For the options shown in every hurdle, they can either ‘like’ or ‘dislike’ a product offer. Liking a product offer will mean that they have accepted that offer and they will advance to the next stage. Disliking means they don’t want that particular offer and they will be shown a few more offers.

Successful completion of the game is measured if the customer is able to play through all the hurdles, from the beginning till the end. Any other scenario of the customer not playing till the ultimate hurdle or quitting the game in-between, or timing out for the provided game session is considered as a lost iteration of the game or results in the termination of the game.

How Does Gamification Help You?

With Gamification, we make hyper-personalized product recommendations to your customers with the help of our AI-enabled recommendation engine. It increases the chances of generating viable leads, quality engagement and better conversions on your web store.

Leveraging an innate inclination in human behavior to participate in games, the gamification feature converts an ordinary sale into an exciting interaction on your website. This often results in an increased Average Order Value (AOV) every time a customer engages in a game.

What’s new?

In Qubriux 1.9, the Gamify feature employs a newly introduced Autopilot feature. This helps to reduce your efforts in creating a game for your target segments. The AI will choose the optimal steps and products per step to be shown to your customers.

You also get the most relevant information on the Gamify dashboard like impressions, engagement, conversion rate and revenue generated from the games you have created. 

Co-Marketing - Expand Your Reach

At Qubriux, we strive to build features that will help businesses to acquire and retain their customers. We are excited to announce that we have released the Co-Marketing feature on our platform in the Release 1.9, which helps you to acquire customers without breaking your bank on promotions.

How does it work?

The Qubriux Partnership is a mutually beneficial agreement where two merchants can provide customized offers to each other’s customer base. By virtue of this partnership, you can make a sale to your partner’s customers and your partner can provide offers for you to propagate to  your customers. 

In order to make a “co-marketed” sale to your partner’s customers, you must provide a reward to your partner for referring their customer. Additionally, you must provide an offer for their customer to encourage the sale. A successful partnership is beneficial to both you and your partner, as you mutually create leads for each other using the partnership. 

On Qubriux, you will find a list of merchants with whom you can potentially enter into a partnership.  Browse through the list and identify a suitable match to be your partner and let them know your intent by agreeing to the terms. 

Why Should You Use It?

  • Qubriux allows you to connect with fellow merchants on the Shopify platform. It also allows you to invite to the platform merchants who would be interested in a partnership with you
  • You don’t have to offer the same reward percentage to your partner (target merchant). You can offer different reward percentages to different merchants, which increases the chances of creating successful partnerships
  • You can track customers acquired, sales completed, revenue generated and rewards earned on your dashboard
  • You acquire customers from your partners without spending a lot of money
  • You retain your customers by sending them special offers from your partner’s web store
  • You create a new revenue stream in terms of rewards earned from your partner merchants
  • You can upsell your products to your partner’s customers
  • You effectively increase the customer engagement on your web store by creating many successful partnerships


The Qubriux Release 1.9 comes with enhancements in two specialty features: Gamify and Co-Marketing. Gamify increases your customer engagement and net incremental revenue with the help of an AI-powered product recommendation engine. Co-Marketing helps you generate new leads and better conversions by entering into a strategic partnership with a fellow Qubriux merchant. 

Download Qubriux from https://apps.shopify.com/qubriux. Have a question? Write to cs@qubriux.com.  

About The Author

Ajayta Sabharwal

Product Manager, Qubriux. 8+ years of experience in B2B and B2C products. Start-up Enthusiast, co-founded a start-up. My current role touches upon various aspects of product management responsibilities from product strategy, roadmap, defining the product vision, execution throughout the product life cycle.

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