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How To Create A Qubriux Co-marketing Partnership in Less Than 5 Minutes

We, at Qubriux, understand that acquiring new customers can get progressively expensive for business owners. 

In order to bring your customer acquisition cost down, we have created the Qubriux Co-Marketing, an exclusive opportunity to co-market with fellow Qubriux subscribers. To know more about this feature, click here

You could get started on a Qubriux Co-Marketing in less than five minutes. Let’s see how that is done.

Step 1:

On your Qubriux Homepage, select Co-Marketing on the left navigation bar. You will see the following page. Please read the brief description on Qubriux Co-Marketing and click on Next.

Step 2:

Please read the terms and conditions. Select the check box to agree to them and click on Continue

Step 3: 

Here you have two options: you can either invite a store partner you know to join Qubriux to create a partnership with them or search and choose an existing Qubriux merchant and add them as your partner.

Step 4:

Now, if you choose to invite a store partner you already know, select Invite a store partner. A dialogue box will appear. Key in their email address and click on Invite. An email will be sent to them with a link to download Qubriux. All they have to do is click on it and agree to your request to start a co-marketing partnership.

Step 5:

Alternatively, you could select Add existing store partner on Step 3. This would show you a list of Qubriux merchants who are your potential partners.  

You can use the search bar to find the right partner for you and click on Initiate Partnership to start a partnership with them.

Step 6:

After initiating a partnership, you will be prompted to connect a PayPal Account to transact during the partnership. Enter your PayPal email address as shown below. 

Step 7: 

In order to create a successful partnership, you need to decide the reward for your partner when their customer buys your product. Choose a percentage fee on the cost of your product as shown below.

Your partner will then get an email with your partnership proposal and the reward you have created. Once they accept it, your first Qubriux Partnership will be created. 

Step 8:

Congratulations! Your partnership has been created. 

You will receive the following notification as shown below. 

Step 9:

You can keep track of your partnerships with, not just one, but multiple merchants on your Co-Marketing Dashboard. This is how it looks.

Step 10:

It’s now time to send your partner offers on your products for them to display in their store. Click on Send Offer on the screen above. You will see the screen below to create an offer to send to your partner. Give your offer a unique name for future reference. Create your offer and click on Save and Continue.

Step 11:

You will get the final prompt with the offer name and the percentage off on your products to be displayed in your partner merchant’s store. 

Step 12: 

And just like that, in less that 5 minutes, you have created a partnership and sent an offer to your partner. 

This was How To Create a Qubriux Partnership in Less Than 5 minutes. Got a query? Write to us at cs@qubriux.com

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