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Increased Customer Loyalty at Your Retail Business

Qubriux is the integrated marketing automation and customer loyalty management platform your business needs.

Qubriux enables omnichannel customer engagement through personalized product recommendations and promotions at your retail store. Get actionable insights from your customer data and create high converting loyalty campaigns with intelligent customer segments and intuitive marketing automation.

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Intuitive Loyalty Management

The effectiveness of your loyalty programs are highly dependent on the quality of offers and promotions you can provide to your customers. Customers are on the lookout for personalized offers and recommendations, and one-size-fits-all promotions would hurt your business more than help.

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Create and Send
Hyper-Personalized Offers

Provide each of your customers with optimized offers based on their past purchase history with Qubriux. Qubriux enables you to easily create promotions, use AI to find the best offer for a customer, use pre-built templates for emails and text messages and automate your entire customer engagement and loyalty management from one easy to use web portal.

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Advanced Customer Segmentation

Qubriux takes segmentation to the next level. Create complex customer attributes and variables without depending on your tech team. Use our no-code interface to configure parameters and create advanced targeted segments with ease. 


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Text & Feedback Analysis via NLP

Qubriux uses advanced Natural Language Processing to read customer sentiments from various channels like reviews, social media and customer feedback. It automatically reads your customers’ responses and identifies varying customer sentiments. You can do smart segmentation according to customer preferences and serve each segment separately, thus improving customer experience based on feedback.

One Integrated Platform For Your Team


Personalized Recommendations

Advanced recommendation and personalization using AI.


Advanced Segmentation

No code platform for easy attribute creation leading to targeted segments


NLP Insights

Surveys and forms with state-of-the-art key phrase anomaly detection mechanism.



Hyper-personalized marketing and customer engagement for eCommerce.

How Qubriux For Retail Works

An end to end customer engagement platform

Upsell & Cross-Sell

Shift from one-to-many to a one-to-one model of customer engagement.


Integrate Across Channels

In store or online, integrate across channels for ease of business


Customizable Customer Segments

Your customers are unique to your business. Go beyond off-the-shelf customer segmentation tools and build attributes, segments and campaigns that work for you.


Actionable Insights From Data

Get actionable insights from your customer data. With our in-built CDP and customer analytics, integrate data from all customer touchpoints for insights into customer behavior and preferences.


Increase Average Order Value

Don't let you customer checkout with less; increase their AOV with smart product recommendation


Close the Marketing Loop

Enjoy better online reputation with actionable insights from feedback analysis


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