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Hyper-personalize To Grow!

Leverage Advanced Analytics And AI To Reimagine Your Business.

Qubriux Enterprise enables omnichannel customer engagement and personalized product recommendations and offers. Empower your business with actionable insights from your customer data and close the product-to-marketing loop with intelligent customer segments.

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Gamification of
Loyalty Management

Qubriux Enterprise increases your customer retention rate by gamifying offers and discounts. It lets you engage your customers in games that enable them to choose the offer on the product they want. It lets you enhance customer loyalty by increasing the number of repeat customers and reduce customer churn.

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Optimized &
Hyper-Personalized Offers

Provide each of your customers with optimized offers based on their past purchase history. We believe in hyper-personalizing customer engagement to enhance customer experience. Create unique offers tailored to the customer’s buying history and preferences and make the right offer to the right customer at the right time.

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Smart & Bi–Directional
Customer Engagement

Use surveys to segment your customers into different categories and personalize engagement. Get actionable feedback from your customers. Qubriux Enterprise enables you to automatically run NLP-based surveys to understand what your customers want, segment them and run personalized campaigns. Make promoters out of detractors to improve NPS.

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Text & Feedback Analysis via NLP

Qubriux Enterprises uses Natural Language Processing to read customer sentiments from omnichannel data and create customized CX. It automatically read your customers’ responses and identify varying customer sentiments. You can do smart segmentation according to customer preferences and serve each segment separately, thus improving customer experience based on feedback.



Recommendation Engine

Advanced recommendation and personalization AI.


NLP Insights

Surveys and forms with state-of-the-art key phrase anomaly detection mechanism.



Real-time-offers hyper-personalized to upsell, cross-sell and improve customer loyalty.



Hyper-personalized marketing and customer engagement for eCommerce.

How Qubriux Enterprise Works

An end to end customer engagement platform

Upsell & Cross-Sell

Shift from one-to-many to a one-to-one model of customer engagement.


Integrate Across Channels

Enterprise, eCommerce or PoS, integrate across channels for ease of business


Enhance Your ORM

Enjoy better online reputation with actionable insights from feedback analysis


Increase Average Order Value

Don't let you customer checkout with less; increase their AOV with smart product recommendation


Customize Solutions

Take on your unique paint points with respective unique solutions that suit your enterprise


Tame Big Data

Find meaning in your enterprise big data and tap into hidden insights in your unstructured customer data


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