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Reach Out to Your Customers

You could reach out to your customers via multiple channels on Qubriux. In version 1.7 you can use E-mail globally and SMS for select countries only. More channels are planned in the roadmap.


Email’ is still one of the most effective marketing channels. In fact, it beats social media by 40 times in terms of customer engagement. Qubriux enables you to create rich and powerful emails using a simple built-in tool.  You can navigate to ‘Email’ from the left panel.

Email screen allows you to draft and design hyper-personalized emails that can be saved as templates. You can either use pre-set templates provided by Qubriux or create your own templates.

By default, all the email templates would be displayed on the ‘Email’ Screen. You can click on any category filter from the top and view/search any specific template. You can also switch between grid and list view. Grid view allows you to quickly see more templates and their content in the form of thumbnails at once. List view only allows you to review a chosen template and its content.

  • If required you can click on ‘Edit’ and directly start updating the template
  • Edit option for the grid view can be accessed by clicking on the three dots menu of each template

You can either edit pre-set templates to tweak them or clone them and edit the cloned email as per your requirements and start using them.

Creating a new template

  • You can create a new email template by clicking on ‘Create new template’ on the right-hand top corner
  • Provide a name for the template which will serve as an identifier for this template. You can edit the name even after the creation of the template. But naming the template is required 
  • You are be provided with 4 different layout options to choose from. You can either use those layouts and edit them as per your need or build one from scratch by using our email editor

Below ‘Email Template Name and Layout Fields’, the section has two parts: Your Content Workspace and Email Editing Toolkit

  • Content workspace starts from the left and you can type text, edit font, change alignment, edit or remove blocks

  • The Email Editing Toolkit is available on the right side and has the following options:
    • Content: The ‘Content Tab’ has elements such as text, image, button, divider, social media links, videos, icons, and a menu bar

    • Rows: In the next tab, you can insert new ‘Rows’ or remove rows in the email layout you had earlier chosen. Different types and forms of rows are available here to help you design your email exactly how you’d like your customers to see

    • Settings: After fixing the content elements and layout of your template, you can refine your design using the Settings Tab of the editor. This tab allows you to change the content properties including text color, link color, line height, auto width, alignment of the image, effects, font, background color, and more

Every content block has some properties associated with it which can be accessed by clicking on the block in the workspace.  You can check out how your email will look on your audience’s devices by using the ‘Preview’ option under the actions button below the ‘Email Template Name’. Toggle the view to check out mobile and desktop display adaptations.

How to use features of Email Editor?

  • The Email Editing Toolkit contains:
    • Content: With the Content tab, you can add text, images, videos, etc to the template
    • Text: Text is to add a text block for writing any piece of content
    • Image: Image block is to add an image that you would like to display
    • Button: Button block will enable an editable CTA button, where you can add a link to retarget to your store or attach a link for a form to be filled
    • Divider: Divider block acts as a single line drawn for dividing two blocks
    • Social: Social block gives you the Social Media buttons that can be edited with the respective links of the store for the respective platforms. The platforms available are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn
    • HTML: HTML block allows you to put any HTML code and replicate the same in the template
    • Video: Video block helps you to insert any video that you want to show your customers. Could be really helpful when you are sending a newsletter or any event invite in a video format
    • Icons: Icon’s block is for inserting any kind of icon in the body of the email template
    • Menu: Menu block helps you to add a menu option inside the email template, can be used when you have multiple sections under the email
  • Rows: Row’s tab helps you provide various designs of how a row can be added to the template. Every design has its use. You can use all of them as per the need of your email and the kind of email you are looking to send.
  • Settings: Settings tab is for the general settings of the entire template. The settings for the Text block are not guided from here. It only caters to the template’s overall settings. It includes:
    • Content Area Width: Can be adjusted as per convenience through the bar
    • Content Area Alignment: Can toggle between Left and Right as per need
    • Background Color: Changes the background color of the entire template at once
    • Background Color: Changes the background color of all the blocks at once
    • Default Font: An option has been provided to change the font of the entire template at once
    • Link Color: Helps in defining the color of the words which contains links in them

How to provide Unsubscribe option?

To provide the unsubscribe option in your emails:

  • Choose the text you want to hyperlink
  • Click on special links from the editing popup toolbox
  • Choose Unsubscribe

Sending a Test Mail

Before sending emails to customers, you may want to check how it will look when it is received by your customers. To do so, you can click on the Send test email button present on the email editor.

It will prompt for an email id on which this email will be sent. You can provide your email id and you will receive this email shortly. <This image will change and contain blue colored buttons>

In the test email, the Shop name, Merchant name, and customer name will get replaced. If you want to test email where discount code, AI-enabled recommendations are accurately replaced, then follow the below steps:

  • Add your email or a designated email as a customer in Shopify
  • Enable marketing as true
  • Create a segment and use the parameter as email and provide the value as given in step1.
  • Send/Enable offer, campaign, Survey to that particular segment
  • You will be able to see the actual content of the email with apt values


Using Qubriux, you can reach out to your customers using Emails as well as SMS. Right now, SMS is only present for Indian geography.

As a business, why should I use SMS marketing? 

We are listing down the top 3 reasons why SMS should be a part of your marketing strategy.

  • Increased engagement - SMS elicits exceptional engagement numbers—think 98 percent open rates
  • Immediacy - People often read texts quickly within the time they’re received. In fact, 90 percent of texts are opened within three minutes
  • More personal relationships - Texting is how people communicate with their friends and loved ones, which means their phones are often only an arm’s length away 

Through Qubriux, you can send personalized SMS to your customers. You can send hyper-personalized offers via SMS. While scheduling an Offer, you need to choose the channel as SMS and the system will pick up the most appropriate template for you. You can review that template and send it.

You can check all the SMS templates in the SMS screen present on the left-hand side

Why can I not create my own SMS?

In India, TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India), the regulator of the telecommunications sector, has made it mandatory to pre-approve every message that you are about to send. Hence you cannot create a message while sending.

What type of messages can I send?

You can send promotional messages in India using Qubriux. The messages will be sent via this number - 618201. Also, every message will have SMS via Skellam as a suffix. To get this branding removed please contact cs@Qubriux.ai, they would help you to get it removed from all the messages.

You can send promotional messages in India using Qubriux. The messages will be sent via this number - 618201. Also, every message will have SMS via Skellam as a suffix. To get this branding removed please contact cs@Qubriux.ai, and we would help you to get it removed from the messages.

  • Soon, you can create your own SMS, Qubriux will get it approved on your behalf.
  • You will be able to register your own Sender id  and send messages from your own number
  • You will also be able to send transactional messages

 If you have any other queries, don’t hesitate to drop a mail to cs@qubriux.ai

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