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Your ‘Profile’ screen contains basic information associated with you and your store along with configurations like Domain setup, User Management, Branding Configuration & Plans

In this screen you can see the  help section, where you will navigate to the following options:

  • Chat
  • Knowledge Base

Your account settings can be accessed by clicking on the dropdown arrow placed on the top left-hand corner beside the profile image on the header. 

On this screen, you can navigate to:

  • Profile
  • Plan details
  • Give Feedback
  • Log out


This allows you to view the following details:


  • Name
  • Email
  • Your Shopify Store
  • Profile Picture

You can customize your profile picture here. For securing your password, you can click on Change password available. We recommend changing passwords every 90 days.


Plan Details

This screen shows your current plan and features enabled in this plan along with your payment history. You can change your plan by clicking on the ‘Change plan’ button.



With Qubriux, you can use your own domain for sending emails to your customers. By default, the emails will be sent from ‘mail.Qubriux.ai’ domain to customers. Sending from a dedicated domain improves the likelihood of landing in the inbox and building domain reputation.



How to Add a New Domain? 

You can click on the ‘Add New Domain’ button and follow the instructions.

  • Choose a domain that you wish to use to be used. This should be your store URL
  • You can use your store URL as sending domain or choose to have a specific sending domain. For ex. mail. mystore.com
  • Clicking on Save and continue will advance you to the next screen
  • You will arrive at the screen where you need to copy the record values to the DNS provider portal. Login to the DNS provider that you use to manage com and add the following DNS records. Copy the values of these five fields mentioned below and update your DNS records. Once your DNS records are updated, click on the verify button
  • Based on the DNS provider, you might need to copy these values individually. Once done, please click on ‘verify’
  • After you click on verify button we will verify the domain details added and you can see the status as verification under progress
  • Once the domain is verified, you can save and exit or start using it immediately. Once you click on ‘Use this domain’ your domain settings are updated and all the mails that you send to your customers through Qubriux will be sent through your sending domain
  • Once the domain is verified, you will get an email for successful verification of the domain.
  • If there is an error in domain verification, we recommend trying the process again and if the issue persists, please reach out to us – cs@Qubriux.ai


User Management

With Qubriux you can now add multiple users who can help you in managing your account. Only an admin can add a new user or remove other users. Other people can use all features except for changing the plan and adding a new user or removing a user.


If the logged-in user is admin then they will see beside their name Admin Tag and in brackets You which tell that they are logged in and are admin too. If the logged-in user is not admin then they will only see You in brackets beside their name.


Other users do not have access to add a new user, resend the invite or change the current Qubriux plan.



To invite a new user click on the Add new user button. You will see a popup where you can enter the name and email address of the user you want to invite.


After you click on the invite you can see the success message


Now the invited user will receive an invitation email. Once they accept the invitation, they will be able to access your shop and help you out.


Here you can set up your email branding if you skipped it while onboarding.


How to change the password?

  • Access your account settings by clicking on the dropdown arrow placed on the top left-hand corner beside the profile image on the header and click on ‘Profile’
  • In the Profile segment, you can find ‘Change Password’, click on that to change your existing password
  • We recommend changing your passwords every 90 days, to be safe and secured from any threats

How to change/remove profile pic?

  • Access your account settings by clicking on the dropdown arrow placed on the top left-hand corner beside the profile image on the header and click on ‘Profile’
  • Beside the image, click ‘Change’ which will access your computer for the image you wish to upload.
  • Select the desired image and click open. And see the Profile Pic changing in real-time.

How to change plans?

  • Access your account settings by clicking on the dropdown arrow placed on the top left-hand corner beside the profile image on the header and click on ‘Plan Details'
  • The screen will show you your ‘Current Plan’ with ‘Payment History’
  • To change your plan, click on ‘Change Plan’
  • You would be directed to a screen having all the plan details
  • Choose the plan and click on it
  • It will take you to a payment gateway where you can pay using different means

Canceling Subscription

If you are here, it means that you wish to cancel your subscription. To cancel your subscription:

  • You can just switch to the Standard plan from Pricing details in the profile section
  • Your account will be converted into a read-only account. You will not be able to launch Campaigns, AI-recommended Offers, Surveys, and use other capabilities of Qubriux for customer engagement

It breaks our heart to see you go, but we wish we can see you back again soon. At any point in time, if you wish to come back, you can change your plan and you can start using Qubriux from where you left

Deleting Account

Before you delete your account, we recommend you go through our other FAQ pages so that you can make the most out of your Qubriux account or you can reach out to cs@qubriux.com and our customer success champions will be able to assist you.

If you still want to delete the Qubriux account, you can delete your account by logging into your Shopify account and clicking on apps.


  • Click on Qubriux and click uninstall. Once the app is uninstalled, your data will be deleted from our servers

 If you have any queries, don’t hesitate to drop a mail to cs@qubriux.com


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