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Home Screen

The home is where…well, the Qubriux action begins!

If you are a first-time user who has not verified his email address you will see the below screen with an alert message to verify the email address. Once verified this alert message disappears.


To use Qubriux and its features at full capabilities you need to verify your email address. To help you get more comfortable with the product and its features you can book a demo with Arul our Director of Marketing or if you want to explore Qubriux yourself you can skip this part.

The home screen has two tabs at the left top corner below the name HOME:

  • Objectives: Here you will find recommended quick actions from Qubriux
  • Dashboard: Dashboard gives you ‘Quick Insights’ about your store, ‘Survey Alerts’ and ‘Leads’


Once you either book a demo or skip the demo part you will be able to see the objectives screen. The progress bar shows the progress of Shopify data, your customers, orders, and product details, that we are fetching. Once the progress is 100% the bar will disappear.



The above 2 screens show what you can create using the Qubriux features - Campaigns, Games to engage your audience, Offers, Surveys, SMS, and Emails.

Once you click on the View More Objectives button you land on the below screen, where you can see other suggestions and actions for using Qubriux at its best of capabilities.


Objectives screen serves as an onboarding guide for new merchants. This will help merchants navigate through the various Qubriux offerings and a list of recommended tasks to get started. Objectives screen also gives new ideas so that merchants can grow their business

By serving up recommended tasks, we provide a step-by-step roadmap for how to get started with GreyFox quickly and put you on the fast track to making more money and stronger customer engagement.

You can click on the action button provided and it will take you to the respective product offerings. If you wish to gather more information, click on ‘More Info'. Once you have completed the objective, go ahead and click on the cross to remove it from the list.

Qubriux has powerful features to personalize your marketing engagement and grow your revenue. With so many possibilities, you’d notice the top most recommended actions listed under ‘Objectives’. They help you take the most impactful actions on Qubriux in order to grow your e-commerce store. It also serves as a quick reminder about smart engagement opportunities.

  • Recommended Tasks on the ‘Objective’ tab sets up a roadmap and put you on the fast track to improve your customer engagement in no time
  • In order to take a particular recommended action, click on the ‘Try it!’ If you wish to know more about the recommended option, click on the ‘More Info' button
  • If you want to dismiss an objective (recommended action), go ahead and click on the cross button, at the top right of each objective, to remove it from the list. These Objectives are AI-powered and would refresh as you keep progressing in your customer engagement journey


Dashboard’ in the home screen gives a cumulative glance of the store’s operations. It provides you with insights and trends on aspects that are most important for your business.

On the top left corner, you will see the ‘Quick Insights’ section having:

Quick Insights

  • Revenue: The ‘Revenue’ widget captures the revenue earned by your e-commerce store. Clicking on the ‘view detailed insights’ option will take you to the ‘All customers’ screen where you can analyze the revenue earned from individual customers and their buying patterns

  • My Customers: ‘My Customer's widget shows the total number of new customer sign-ups and their break-up (over a rolling 26 weeks window). Clicking on detailed insights will take you to the ‘All Customer’ screen where you can analyze your individual customers, the revenue earned from them, the number of orders placed, the frequency of purchase, and their buying behavior

Email insights

'Email’ on the dashboard widget is a powerful tool, which shows the summary for all your sent emails at a glance. The graphical representation helps you to visually observe the following:

  • of Emails sent
  • Open Rate - Out of the total emails delivered, the percentage of emails opened by the customers
  • Click Rate- Out of the total emails opened, the percentage of clicks that happened on the given CTA

You can filter quick insights for ‘All time’ and ‘This week’. If the current date is 10th May 2021, then last week will show insights from 3rd to 9th May 2021.

On scrolling below, you will see two more widgets:

Survey Alerts

This is an actionable widget, where with a single click you can carry out the actions recommended.Survey alerts give you actionable recommendations based on recent responses to your surveys. These responses can be found under the ‘Status’ With these you can send a quick offer to a detractor or send a thank-you note to a delighted customer. This widget curates the best action you can take based on customer feedback which would help you stay responsive and close the engagement loop


The leads widget is an intelligent option that prompts you with a list of customers who are more likely to make a purchase, provided you engage them with a personalized campaign/offer via Qubriux. This list is built based on your customers’ recent interactions and in-store behavior

The left side menu pane allows you to quickly navigate to other useful features of the Qubriux application. This includes Campaign, Offers, Survey, Pop-ups, Gamify, Analyze, Email, SMS and All Customers


Find other tutorial documents here: Knowledge Hub. If you have any queries, don’t hesitate to drop a mail to cs@qubriux.com


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