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Quibriux allows you to add an existing store on our platform as your partner or invite a store that is not on our platform, with whom you want to become partners and utilize the benefits of co-marketing.

What Qubriux Co-Marketing allows you to do:

  • Add or Invite a store partner.

  • Promote your offers on your partner store, increase your revenue and attract new customers.

  • Earn a reward percentage when you promote your partner store’s offer

  • Upsell your products to your customers so they can use the offers from your partner store.

The store that shares the offer is defined as Source Partner and the store that promotes the offer and in turn, earns a percentage of the sale done through him is defined as Target Partner.

Home Screen of Co-Marketing

The home screen of co-marketing explains what co-marketing is and the steps to add a partner.


This screen is shown when you click for the first time on the Co-Marketing menu in the left navigation. When you click on the Next button you are taken to a Terms and Conditions page where you need to agree to these terms to use the Co-Marketing feature. Only once when a Merchant agrees to the T&C he is listed as a store available for the partnership with other Merchants.

Once you agree to the T&C, you will be shown the invite a partner or add an existing store partner page.


Inviting a store partner

You can invite multiple stores at once by adding their email ids and sending them the invite. The invited stores are sent a link on the given email id. Once they accept the invite and agree to the T&C of the Co-Marketing, you can initiate the partnership with them.


Adding an existing store as a Partner

You can add any store that is on our platform and has agreed to the T&C of Co-Marketing as your partner. You can search for any specific store or just browse and see which store will best complement your store. You can see the Store name, How many partners they already have, and an indication of their customer strength.



Initiating Partnership

Once you click on the initiate partnership button, you will be asked to select a reward percentage for them. You can select from the rewards you have created earlier or create a new one if you want.

image 5

If you are initiating a partnership for the first time then you won’t have any rewards created, in that case, you will be taken to the create reward option. You can give the reward name, and reward value in percentage. Reward value is the percentage the partner will be getting for each sale that is done via him.

image 6

Once you have done this the selected store will receive your partnership request notification. You can view your partnership sent and received requests in the partnership request tab.

image 7


Accepting Partnership Request

When a store sends you a partnership request, you will receive a notification regarding that.image 8

Once you click on view request you will land on the details page, which will show the Store name, how many partners they have, and their customer strength. From here you can accept the partnership request.

image 9

If you are a first-time user and accepting your first partnership request. When you click on the accept request button you will be asked to connect your PayPal account. We use PayPal to share the money between the partners.

image 10

image 11

Once your PayPal setup is done you become partners with the store. You can also initiate back Partnership with the store that sent you the request. In that case, you become the Partner that will share the offer and share the reward percentage for the sale that will be done via the partner store.

Sending Offer

Once the store that you sent the partnership request to accepts your request, you will have to share the offer which they can display on their website.

image 12

When you click on the notification you land on the My Partners page where you can see the Partner name and action to send an offer to that partner.

image 13

When you click on send offer you will see the offers you have created previously.image 14

If you do not have any offers created you will be taken to the create offer page.

image 15

Once you share the offer the partner store will receive a notification which will tell them that you have shared the offer and now they can create a form to display your offer on their website.

Create Form

Once you receive offers from the partner store. You can create a form to display these offers on the website.image 16

Click on the create form button and you will land on the templates page of forms. You can select a preset form created by us or you can choose to create from scratch.

image 17

Once you select a form template or click on create from the scratch button you will be taken to the form configuration screen.

image 18

The Form Configuration screen is divided into 4 steps.

  1. Form Name & Offer Type: Here you give your form name and select the offers you want to show on the form. You can select a maximum of 3 offers to be displayed in one form. Then you have to select what your customers will have to do in order for them to get the offer details. You can either select a minimum purchase amount barrier or a minimum quantity of items that they will have to purchase. If you select the minimum quantity of items then you can select which category or which product you want them to buy.

  2. Form Content and Style: Here you can put the content for your form and style your form accordingly. If you select a preset form then that form layout and style will be used, you can edit the content and style of that too.

  3. Configuration: Here you can configure

    1. To whom you want to show the form

    2. When do you want to show the form - immediately when they land on the website or after some time delay or after some scroll.

    3. On which device do you want the form to be visible - mobile, desktop, or both

    4. On which pages of your website do you want the form to be shown

    5. Limit the form to once per customer or set a time after how many days they can see the form again if they click on the close button.

      image 19
  4. Schedule: Select the date and time when you want the form to be shown on the website. You can also preview the email that will be sent to the customers after they complete the barrier that you have set in step 1. You can put the subject for the email that will be sent to the customer when they complete the barrier.
    image 21

Once you enable the form the partner will receive a notification telling them that their offer is live on your website.

Now, whenever someone purchases something from your partner’s store using the coupon code shared with them by you, you will receive the reward percentage shared with you.

My Partners Page

Here you can view the list of all the partners that you have added or the stores that have added you as their partner.

An insight of overall revenue generated and products sold with the help of Co-Marketing.

image 20

The column Partner Type has two values Target and Source.

  • Target is the partner store that you have added. You send them the offer and share the reward percentage for the sale done through them. When you click on the name of the partner you will see the details page.

    image 22On this page, you can see the revenue generated, the number of products sold and new customers acquired. Offer that you have shared with them.
  • Source is the partner that has added you as their partner. You receive the offer and display the form with their offer and get the reward percentage for sale done through you.

    image 23
    On this page, you can see the reward you earned and the products you sold while promoting their offers. You can view the reward percentage shared by the partner, the offer they have shared with you, and the forms you have created to display the offers on your website.

My Offers Page

On this page, you can view the list of offers that you have created.

image 24

Create Offer

You can create an offer from the offers page by clicking on the create new offer button in the top right corner. Once you click you land on the create offer page.

image 25

On the left side, you define the offer details and on the right side you can see a summary of the offer that you are creating.

  1. Offer name - Give the offer the name that you want.

  2. Discount code - The discount has a prefix [Partner-Name] and the discount code that you can enter. The prefix allows us to track and report via which partner the customers are coming and buying your products.

  3. Discount type - What type of discount will be given to the customers

    1. Percentage or

    2. Amount off

  4. Applies to - On which products the discount will be applicable

    1. All products or

    2. Specific categories or

    3. Specific products

  5. Coupon Validity - Till what date the customers can use the coupon to get discount

  6. Offer display validity - Till what date the partner can display this offer on their website.

Rewards Page

On this page, you can view the list of rewards you have created.

image 26

You can create a new reward by clicking on the create new reward button on the top right corner.

Create Reward

image 27

Here you can give the reward name and the reward value. On the right side, you can view the summary of the reward.


On this page, you can view the overall analytics for your store for Co-Marketing.image 28

Partnership Requests

On this page, you can view the list of partnership requests that you have received and sent.

image 29


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