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Frequently Asked Questions

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How is Qubriux different from any other automation platform?

Qubriux does more than mere automation. With its AI-powered hyper-personalization of customer engagement, Qubriux helps you accelerate your revenue by optimizing offers. It gamifies customer loyalty, automates workflows and helps set up email and SMS campaigns.

How does Qubriux use AI?

Qubriux uses AI to optimize offers in real time. It uses AI to gamify offers and discounts.

Is Qubriux compliant with GDPR?

Yes. Qubriux is compliant with GDPR.

How does Qubriux help me increase my revenue?

Qubriux helps you rapidly increase your revenue by harvesting unharvested revenue opportunities. It optimizes offers and gamifies to increase customer loyalty. It helps reduce churn and retrieve abandoned carts. It helps send surveys to segment your customers to personalize customer experience.

How does Qubriux do marketing automation?

Qubriux helps you fully automate email and SMS workflows.

Is Qubriuxe Commerce free?

Yes. Qubriux is absolutely free for the first 30 days. Also, after 30 days, the free plan runs for up to 4000 emails and 50 SMSs, unlimited templates & workflows, unlimited surveys, offer gamification and segmentation.

What are the capabilities of Qubriux eCommerce?

Qubriux is a growth accelerator and a revenue generator app listed on Shopify. It helps eCommerce businesses to generate revenue by hyper-personalizing offers and discounts. It runs on revolutionary AI that decides the right offer for the right customer based on their past purchase history. It does not simply automate marketing communication. It optimizes an offer in real time taking into consideration a number of key factors. It gamifies customer wish lists and enhances customer loyalty. It helps upsell and cross-sell to increase the average order value for each customer. It retrieves abandoned carts through smart campaigns.