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We are Passionate About the Possibilities of AI.

Are You?

Explore cutting-edge opportunities for building AI solutions for the future at Qubriux.

At Qubriux, we hire the best and we retain the best. We provide a culture based on respect, ownership and accountability. At our core, we are an engineer-driven company. We believe that a company is nothing but a group of people committed to a common mission. It is not about five star offices or swanky cabins. It is about people. We hire people who are passionate about our mission. We constantly strive to ensure that our employees have the best work environment possible; be it something as simple as your work laptop or something more at the core, like your compensation. We believe that our employees are our core assets. We constantly invest in our employees, ensuring that they continue to perform at their best.

Why Work at Qubriux?

At Qubriux, we have an open office culture. A single line of code written by each of our engineers is as important as the everyday decisions taken by our executives. We have a “no office cabin” culture; meaning, any executive or manager gets an office cabin only if the job demands it or if all our engineers get the same. We do not believe in getting things done by the distance of power, but by the inspiration of passion, creativity and commitment of our employees. Are you passionate about AI? Come and join Qubriux. Solve complex business problems using cutting edge AI.

Join Our Team

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