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We Build The World's Best Customer Engagement Platform.

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Our Story

Qubriux is the product division of Skellam AI. We believe in using our proprietary smar platform to accelerate revenue for our customers.

Skellam AI was launched in 2017 with a small team of world-class AI engineers. The company’s first endeavour was to build a customized NLP (Natural Language Processing) engine to displace an incumbent text analytics tool used by its first customer. In mid 2017, Skellam AI successfully built a better solution that helped the Fortune 500 customer make informed CX decisions.

By 2018, we had already delivered millions of dollars in savings and net new revenue for our customer. Skellam AI was able to achieve this by successfully developing and deploying a context-driven, revenue optimized personalization AI (Artificial Intelligence) solution. The solution also had a built-in customer engagement experimentation platform.

With Qubriux, we are bringing Skellam’s AI and customer engagement expertise to the world. With customized products for eCommerce, brick and mortar, and enterprise customers, we aim to accelerate revenue and growth for every one of our customers. Our AI-powered revenue accelerator applications enhance customer engagement by hyper-personalizing offers, discounts and surveys.

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This is your chance to invest in the early stages of a start-up with proven AI and revenue generation capabilities for organizations of varying sizes. Reach out to us to find out more about our team, product, road map and investment options.

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