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Integrated Marketing For Your Business

Qubriux enables you to run personalized marketing campaigns easily and effectively

We are taking marketing automation to the next level with the power of AI. Map customer journeys, create personalized promotions, setup automated campaigns, send surveys and more with Qubriux. 

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Introducing Qffer!

Qffer enables customers to find you through your exclusive offers on the app.

Reach out to existing customers with personalized and unique promotions at the right time, on the right channel- their mobile phones, with Qffer.

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Co-Market To Expand Your Reach

Increase your revenue by marketing to customers of partner brands

Create mutually beneficial partnerships with fellow brands and pitch a sale to your partner's customers. Reduce customer acquisition costs and accelerate revenue generation with Qubriux Network.

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Build Customer Loyalty With Enhanced Customer Engagement

Custom-built for restaurants, retail and eCommerce stores, Qubriux enables you to run personalized marketing automation and promotional campaigns easily.

These campaigns are guaranteed to generate better conversions- thus leading to increased customer retention and loyalty.

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Improve On All Your
Loyalty Metrics

Our cutting-edge AI recommendation engine generates offers and constructs games that are hyper-personalized and purely customer focused. Combined with advanced marketing automation and integration capabilities, Qubriux enables up to 3x increased conversions, 70% more returning customers and 4x improvement in customer engagement.

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How Qubriux Works

End-to-end Customer Engagement for Your Business
How Qubriux Works

The Qubriux Suite of Products

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Qubriux For Restaurants & Retail

Own a QSR or a Retail business? Qubriux enables omnichannel customer engagement to deliver a great customer experience and rapidly increase your revenue with personalized product recommendations.

Empower your team to get actionable insights from your customer data and close the product-to-marketing loop with intelligent customer segments. Create best performing campaigns with our inbuilt offer creation and marketing automation suite. and automated 

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Qubriux eCommerce

Accelerate your eCommerce revenue with hyper-personalized marketing and customer engagement across marketing channels. Qubriux hyper-personalizes offers and discounts for your Shopify store.

Qubriux eCommerce goes beyond traditional marketing automation and lets you run smart surveys to identify customer segments, use gamification to upsell and cross sell with intent.

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Qubriux Network

Qubriux Network enables businesses to partner with other businesses to propagate complementary offers.

Take customer engagement and personalization to the next level. Send personalized offers from other sellers to your customers based on their purchase history. Monetize your customer loyalty. Open up new markets and opportunities for your business and accelerate growth.

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Product Features


Improved Customer Loyalty

Probability of selling to an existing customer is between 60% to 70%. Decrease customer attrition and increase the AOV of existing customers.


360° Customer Engagement

Enable multiple touch points with the customer on every step of the purchase journey to improve conversions and customer loyalty.


Get Actionable Insights

Unify data from all your customer touchpoints like PoS, app and website. Get actionable insights to provide exceptional customer experience.

Grow Your Business and Join Our Happy Users

There You Gloww

There You Gloww

We have been using GrayFox for over a month now, and we are extremely happy with the app. The customer service is excellent, with the representatives going above and beyond to ensure the best for your store. Additionally, the campaign feature has brought an ease to our marketing campaigns. We look forward to many more features.



I was looking for a nice app for email marketing but most apps are very expensive. I got this app which is equally nice and user friendly. The customer support is very eager to help. They have very good professional looking templates.



The application was really good, tidy, user friendly, and everything is accessible which helps me to easily manage and grow my store.

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